Monday, March 10, 2014

Open Ended Questions

I made you all a treat for your classrooms!

Printable posters for open ended questions that can be asked in each learning area of the pre-kindergarten classroom.  Also included are sheets for noting student responses.  All available for download at teachers pay teachers.

How I use these is to laminate the poster sheets and make several copies of the student response sheets.  Place the student response sheets on a clipboard with the laminated sheet covering them in each respective learning area.  This gives you quick and easy documentation paper for taking your anecdotal notes.
There are two additional benefits of having these posters in your classroom.  First, it gets you in the habit of engaging students in ways that CLASS will be looking for in their observations.  This can also aid your TKEYS observations in demonstrating those Higher Orders Thinking Questions.  Second, it gives your classroom volunteers a very helpful tool to benefit you.  You can instruct the volunteers to play in the learning areas with students, ask questions from the sheet, and document for great additional assessment data.

I hope that you enjoy these posters and response sheets! 


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