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Ep. 6 - Take Care Miss Nanami

This episode analysis(musing) contains spoilers.  This episode analysis skims over topics and doesn't go into huge detail because each detail is really worth it's own post.  This analysis does not cover every detail to analyze but ones that I have chosen to discuss.  Also, these are my opinions and nothing official.  You do not have to accept or agree with any of this.

"Nanami-sama go-yōjin!"
May 7, 1997
No duel.

We begin with Nanami walking home, alone, in the blanket of night.  So much dark.  Following behind her are footsteps. Dun dun dun!!
Understandably frightened she runs off and trips, almost being run over by an oncoming car.  She doesn't pay any attention to the driver's apology or anything she says because she's frozen in fear by the shady figure watching her.  Okay, creepy but not as creepy as if that figure had been Slenderman.  

The next day Nanami shares her concerns with her big brother over.. Lunch?  In front of Miki.  He dismisses her claims of someone trying to kill her and I can't blame him.  Her presentation does make it seem something not to be taken seriously.

You know, it's not until this rewatch that I really see how distant he really is in their relationship.  I always before saw them as not close but with her overly brother loving self actually made it hard to truly see how dismissive he really is to her.  And right from the start.  Was the cat the beginning of Touga's distance?  When did he start pushing apart?

Baseball as Nanami tells Miki and her lackeys about what's going on.  Haha that even her lackeys are like "no, we do her dirty work so we'd get to brunt before her."  Well geez, if you weren't so obvious about how you "work" for maybe they would but anyone who catches it would surely skip the middle man.

Crack!  Smack!  Baseball to the face!  Now Nanami is raving mad at Utena.  
People that say Nanami is not a likable character can stuff it.  She's too naive adorbs!  Oh yeah, she's totally queen bee-itch and more but still.  

Utena and Nanami talking, laughing as Utena gets filled in.  Miki's only good for pointing out people in the Rose Garden.  As Touga and Anthy have an oddly dramatic conversation about "offing" something which Nanami assumes is her but Utena and Miki do too.  Miki, for being a child genius, you are such an idiot.  Turns out, Touga and Anthy were talking about a bug problem.  

Anyway, Nanami in her run away fit gets stopped in the hallway by.. a runaway horse.  And now, it begins.  She for real freezes in terror.  And then there are chickens.  And then we hear a deep manly voice talking to her and offering his kerchief.

The next day Utena and Miki and the lackeys follow Nanami to see who her "prince" was and we see.. Mitsuru Tsuwabaki?  Not the voice pair up but sure.  

So Nanami asks Tsuwabaki to be her boyfriend even though he's so young which throws everyone for a loop.  

Okay, so the Shadow Girls in this episode go camping and say the best part is the curry but their curry is all garbage.  I think it's more representative that when Nanami asks Mitsuru to be her boyfriend that it really is not what either of them really want.  Sort of.

And now.. For my favorite dialogue between Utena and Miki.  Miki educates Utena on how Nanami sees men with some light miscommunication because of lunch.  It's nothing that we, the viewer, don't already know but if Miki's presentation of "dregs. leftovers. parsley." doesn't tickle you then blah on you.

Our first view of Tsuwabaki and Nanami as a couple is cute but after a quick montage we begin to see the true nature of their relationship.  Tsuwabaki is Nanami's personal assistant in ways that Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada would applaud.

This offends Utena in her black and white world of right and wrong who "stands up" for what Nanami is doing to Tsuwabaki only to be shocked when Tsuwabaki says that he doesn't mind.  He admits to being the one to have put Nanami in danger and his reasons for why which are kind of.. odd to me.  He wants to be her big brother and protect but doesn't really want to be her boyfriend.  He just wants to be cool and protect her.  Um, okay.  

Well, Nanami was listening to his whole admittance and blows her top.  Not because he tried to hurt her.  No, she doesn't care about that.  But that he made her doubt her big brother.  
And then a kangaroo.  
I love also how Miki and Utena totally ditch Nanami when the kangaroo approaches.

Holy tar, Tsuwabaki took on three middle school boys in a fist fight and he thinks he's going to take on this kangaroo.  But Nanami saves him from attempting that so good.  
Okay, I don't have any feelings for these two in any romantic or intimate way but when she does this.. I just love them in that moment.  A moment that purely defines their relationship.  A relationship of boss and subordinate in a way that's caring and close with intimacy or romance.  I don't know how else to explain it but it works and I find it beautiful.  

Then Touga tears off his shirt, dons boxing gloves, and knocks out the kangaroo in a single uppercut.  Chu-Chu helps by ringing the bell.  Nanami is finally explained that Touga and Anthy were trying to kill bugs.  Nanami and Tsuwabaki break up as an item but don't worry, they continue their boss and assistant relationship.

Touga Kiryuu...  You're really quite a guy.

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