Wednesday, March 5, 2014


CLL6 – The child will develop early phonological awareness (awareness of the units of sound).
CLL6.4a Listens and differentiates between sounds that are the same and different.
WSO: Demonstrates phonological awareness.

Activities: Instrument Guess.  Introduce your classroom's musical instruments.  Name them and play their sound.  Place a trifold board in front of the musical instruments and play an instrument.  Students name it when they hear it.  This game can be altered for farm animals and more.
Who Is Speaking?  Record the voice of each student in the classroom.  Play back the recordings for students to identify the voice of the student speaking.
Echo.  You say a word, they say it back.  You say a statement, they say it back.  You alter your voice, they do too!  Take turns and let them create an echo for the class to call back to them.

Songs: Tarzan by Dr. Jean Feldman
Boom-chicka-boom by Dr. Jean Feldman
Alligator by Dr. Jean Feldman


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