Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sailor Moon Synopsis

A synopsis of Sailor Moon as told by someone who has never seen it.
The photo that inspired this synopsis.

"So there’s this blonde girl and I think she has some animated chubby a monkey buddy and there’s other planetary bodies that are sailor buddies. I know there was a Jupiter and Mars. Was there a Pluto? Pluto was a planet at the time so yeah.
I think we should have a Sailor Sigil and a Sailor Beetlejuice.
There’s these girls that represent planetary bodies. Moon one has a chubby monkey buddy. I’m not sure what they do. I’m pretty sure they try to save earth, the world somehow in some sort of revolution. As constellations and planetary bodies they try to save the universe. Sailor Major Canis. She’s the one with big teeth and got made fun of in high school.
The blonde one’s kind of pretty.
I’ve seen more Utena than Sailor Moon.”

There was more. I did my best to capture it to share with you all.

I'm actually debating on doing this more often.  Showing my friends promotional artwork for an anime, give them a title, and ask them to give a rundown of the show.  If you have any suggestions, feel free.  My friends won't cheat and watch any of the titles that you offer.  I promise.


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