Wednesday, March 12, 2014


CD-SC4 – The child will demonstrate knowledge related to physical science.
CD-SC4.4c Describes materials by their physical properties and states of matter.
WSO: Explores and describes light and sound. (This is the official link up from the WSO to GELDS Correlations)
Activities: Texture Sort.  Sort fabric swatches by their physical properties.  Smooth/bumpy, soft/coarse, thin/thick.
Frozen Toys.  In an ice tray, place tiny toys in each section and fill with water.  Freeze in freezer and remove for small group.  Students will have fun doing what they can to melt the ice to release the toys for play.  
Ice Painting.  Mix the powdered paint with water and fill ice tray.  Allow students to paint with the frozen paint cubes as they melt.  
Absorbency Testing.  Fill an ice tray with various items in each section (example items: cotton ball, button, tissue, flat-end screw, soil, eraser).  Students will take eyedroppers and squirt water on each item.  Which items absorb water?  Which didn't?
Books: The Wet Dry Book by: Kate Spohn
My Pretty Pink Purse by: Tim Bugbird
Water, Ice, and Steam by: Ira Wood


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