Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Linky Party: Jasmine

  • Jasmine:The story of when you had to really trust someone. Was it easy?

I feel like this is what life is all about, trusting someone. 
I married my husband.  I trust him with my heart.  I trust him to help raise my daughter.  I trust him to help clean the house and pay the bills.
I trust that my parents will pick up my daughter from school each day.  
I trust that my daughter do well at school.
I trust that her teachers are doing everything in my daughter's best interest academically.
I trust that my school handles documents appropriately and that we maintain accreditation.  
I trust that my school board does the same.
I trust that my neighbor's don't set their house on fire so that my house doesn't.
I trust that the other drivers on the road are paying attention to me braking in front of them so that they don't rear-end me.

Life is all about trust.  Sometimes, it isn't easy.  Sometimes I don't trust that where I parked my car was the safest decision and have a panic attack while charging back to where I parked.  Sometimes I trust that when I tell someone to back off for the time being because now is a really confusing time and they're making things more confusing.  Sometimes you make it back and your car is safe.  Sometimes you make it back and find that the person has taken your advice to mean keep pushing forward.

NEXT WEEK! Belle: Is there someone you are close who no one else likes? What's the story?
  • Jasmine:The story of when you had to really trust someone. Was it easy?

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