Monday, October 21, 2013

Writing Prompts

Why do I use writing prompts from sources such as The One Minute Writer and Mama's Losing It?  Honestly, because some of their prompts truly inspire me to write something and share something with you all.  Of course I'm going to credit the people that inspired me to write something.
Using writing prompts isn't something that says that I'm lacking ideas of things to post about (believe me, I have TONS of drafts lined up and waiting for you guys).  I also don't use every writing prompt that these two sources post up either, they post a lot of prompts.  Seriously, a lot.
I do like these two sources because they actually have a lot of prompts that inspire me to write.  They aren't like some writing prompt sources that cause me to turn my computer monitor off instead.
I also get inspired by things that happen in my life or things my friends say.
Inspiration can come from anywhere and anyplace.  And I love the inspiration coming my way from all of my sources!


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