Thursday, October 17, 2013

Writing Prompt: Pregnancy

"Describe your first pregnancy...piece of cake or terrible experience?"

Well, um, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't ideal either.  I worked in a very stressful environment during that time trying to pull my weight and the weight of other people to try and keep my head above water.
I spent an entire night in the hospital because my back was in severe pain though once I had swimmer's ear after that time I would actually say swimmer's ear hurt worse but the back pain still was REALLY bad.
One of my tests came back low so we had to see a specialist for a second opinion.  That specialist told us the test results which meant that I might die during childbirth.
I did not carry to term and started bleeding around noon the day that my daughter was born.  I called my ob/gyn but they were out to lunch so I worked out the rest of the day and picked up my sister-in-law before going to my appointment.
I never even got thrown a baby shower except a Welcome to the World party that I put together myself for my daughter.

Soo.....  It might not be the most chipper pregnancy story but I'm sure it's not the worst out there either.  And now I have a wonderful daughter.  Plus I do have some funny pregnancy stories that I share with my close friends.
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Mama Kat said...

Look at that little peanut!! What a sweetheart!

mj said...

It's pretty awesome that you called your ob who was out to lunch then just kept working all day. Sounds just like something I would have done. That cute little baby makes it seem not so bad in rotrospect, huh?

Megan Pope said...

Thanks so much! She really is quite the sweetheart. :)

Megan Pope said...

It seemed logical to me at the time... Apparently it was something that could have been really bad. But it wasn't and I do have my awesome baby girl now! :)

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