Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Another MGA Con meeting this past weekend!  If anything, I'm really enjoying getting to know all of the people that are volunteering alongside me.  Some of you guys are a real hoot!
Besides that, it is amazing to see what was an idea starting to take more definitive form as we looked at photos and map of the venue.  It's that excitement of "THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!"
This is my first time officially volunteering with a convention.  This fancy stuff of meetings, brain storming, getting to toss out suggestions has me simply excited.  I LOVE IT!
If you want to get on board to volunteer with the convention, great!  Stop by Heroes and Villains to fill out a volunteer application.
You don't have to attend all the meetings as a volunteer.  You signing some of your time and energy to make this an awesome event are greatly appreciated!


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