Friday, October 18, 2013

Costumes I Want This Year

I love love love love love dressing up in costumes!  I don't get to do every costume that I want though.  Here's a short list of costumes that I'd wear if I had the money for them.

1. Rockin' Snow White
Cost: $500 
Can Be Purchased At:

2. Pirate Wench
Cost: Hat is $175, Cutaway is $225, Dress is $200, Boots $200 = $800
Can Be Purchased At:

3. Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins

Cost: $459.99 (without shoes or parasol)
Can Be Purchased At:

4. Once Upon A Time Blue Fairy

Cost: Who knows
Can Be Purchased At: Can't Find


Kyla said...

3&4 are my favs

Megan Pope said...

They're simply splendid. :)

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