Thursday, October 3, 2013

Heroes in Heels: How Do You Fight in Those?

"The heels they all wear are completely impractical. How do they run after the bad guys in those!"

I seriously cannot stand reading garbage like that when discussing super heroes.  From She-Ra to Wonder Woman.  From Emma Frost to Sailor Moon.  It is NOT impractical.  Do you have any idea the strength and balance that wearing heels utilizes?  These are SUPERHEROES, not your average tomboy who can't balance in a one-inch clog.  If I can run around for hours of jumping, hopping, skipping, playing, and dancing in six inch heels, this is not an impractical idea to fight villains (or heroes) in kick-booty shoes.

There are a number of models and celebrities who actually work out in their stilettos.  There are stiletto workout videos but some of these gals actually hit the gym or their home equipment while sporting their fave heels.  They run on the treadmill in these babies.  And guess what?  Their bodies end up looking as SMOKING HOT as any animated super gal I've seen.

So these "unreal" body images and "impractical" shoes and not really so.  Maybe they aren't practical for YOU but some people actually have the strength, stamina, and agility for that.  Real people, not just mutant superheroes.

Now some of the hairstylings and outfits might be more of a problem.  Shoes are not.

Even giant robots.


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