Friday, October 4, 2013

Musk Versus AXE

Found a cute little blog with writing prompts.  I like it, it's better than most places that are like "write a short story" or "a picture's worth a thousand words, write a thousand words for this picture."
I like writing prompts that make you think, make you focus, and motivate you.

One of my favorites from recent months was "make someone fall in love with your favorite smell."

Now between musk and AXE?  Um...  I dunno.  The scent of musk has always confused me.  But I know I don't like AXE.  AXE smells like teenage tools.  Is Old Spice a musky scent?  I like the smell of Old Spice on a man.  Have I smelled musk before?  Isn't that what guys smell like when they're sweaty and haven't showered?  I don't think that I understand musk enough to appropriately answer this question....


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