Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pretty Lady Come

Last week's duel was between Arisugawa Juri and Takatsuki Shiori.  The shock of fighting her childhood friend and love lowered Juri's defenses but Shiori's lack of ability with the sword still was unable to penetrate the skill of the fencing club captain.  The black rose ring dissolved to ash as Takatsuki Shiori fails to move to Round 4. 
Round 3, Duel 14:

We interrupt the previously scheduled duel to bring you a new opponent to the circuit!   Facing up against the animation director  is The Wicked Queen.  
Kunihiko Ikuhara versus Chigusa Sanjouin  

Again we're presented with Ikuhara, the man behind the animation.  Now we introduce Chigusa Sanjouin, a character only seen in the Sega Saturn game.  I've never played the game myself but this is what I know: she's aggressive, manipulative, and rawr nasty.  Who will move on to Round 4?


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