Monday, October 7, 2013

Ghoul School Versus Monster High

First off, HOW AWESOME IS SCOOBY DOO AND THE GHOUL SCHOOL?  I know right.  It IS that kind of awesome.Only thing that could make it better?  Take out Scrappy Doo.

Alright, let's battle it down the list.  Let's start with cast:
6 private school girls versus entire high school
  Okay, that's an impressive casting on the MH side....   

Animation quality:
Pen to paper against computer animation
Okay, so GS is from 1988 but so was The Land Before Time...  Going to point it to MH again..       

Revolta versus Cleo de Nile 
I think the military school boys are better antagonists but love the Queen Bee Nasty of the high school drama.  POINTS ALL AROUND!

Vocal Cast:
Old School fame against Anime Voice Stars      
Seriously, look at the voice casting on both of these projects.  These people know what they're doing.  POINTS FOR EVERYONE!

Hanna-Barbera Classic or Fetch Lingo
There are very few lines of dialogue in GS that DON'T contain a pun, while MH makes it flow in a way that sounds like high school kids talking their high school talk.  All hip and cool and stuff.  POINT TO MH!   

Monster Mash versus Monster High Opening Theme
Monster High takes the point!

End Credits:

As much as I love Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School, taking the time to watch Monster High I have to admit: It's a really cool show.  Whatever that they dress as they do, they're representing HIGH SCHOOL.  Though I don't know about you, I wore a lot of jeans and t-shirts in high school.  There's not enough fem characters representing me.  Though Ghoulia and Laguna are MY FAVES!  
Don't judge me until you sit down and watch an episode.  

Finally made it to Volume 3.  Can I just say how much I love Abbey?


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