Monday, October 28, 2013

Sam is Missing

Early Friday morning I received a call from my co-teacher.
The hamsters had escaped their cage sometime between Thursday afternoon and just before she arrived.
It appeared that the green running wheel atop had split open somehow and they managed out of the cage.
Makayla fell into the nearby sink securing her until our arrival.
Sam did not.
All day Friday, there was no hint or sign of Sam's presence.
While I am concerned for Sam, I also will openly say I'm glad that Makayla fell into the sink and not Sam.  Sam was full of energy.  Sam was the one who could spend hours upon hours upon hours running in the hamster wheel.  Makayla hasn't put any of their food in the hamster wheel since Sam was lost leading me to believe Sam was the jerk who would put the corn kernels in there to keep us up all night.
Don't get me wrong, I miss Sam and I hope the best for him.  Maybe we'll luck out and his hungry self will pop out today.

UPDATE: Sam did not show himself today.


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