Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Attend Open House?

"I went to meet and greet, so I'll skip open house."
The information presented at meet and greet to the information presented at open house are really quite different. What we tell you at meet and greet gets us through the first couple of weeks while the open house has information for the whole year through.  It also demonstrates to the teacher that you are serious about your child's educational experience.

"I didn't go to meet and greet so why go to open house?"
Then we really, really want to see you!  We want to know everything that we haven't had a chance to clarify first-hand with you.  Your child's name spelling, pronunciation, is their listed birthday correct (we get a lot of typos coming through and we try to catch them all).  We also want to know your questions, comments, concerns, and expectations.

"I went to open house last year so I won't go this year."
It's a new school year, new teacher, new grade, and maybe even a new school.  School policies, procedures, curriculum, and more can change over the summer.  

"My other child had this teacher last year, so I don't need to go."
As noted in the previous answer, things can change.  Even if it is the same teacher, maybe there is something she allowed last year that isn't going to fly this year.  The fact that they've had you as a class parent before can also show them that you encourage and support her while also being a class parent "expert" of their stylings to help demonstrate to new parents your confidence in them.

"I have to work/college."
Understandable that you cannot attend.  If you are unable to attend, email your child's teacher explaining how you regret not being able to attend while asking if they would mind sending you any relevant information.  It's cool, we'll do it for you guys. :)


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