Friday, August 23, 2013

Bat Affleck

Last night I was minding my own business, strolling around the Internet reading creepypastas, when it happened.  It happened so fast that it didn't really set in at first.  I read it.  I kept going.  I didn't even register what I had read.  And then, the Internet BLEW UP!

Ben Affleck will be the next Batman.

I've seen the reactions of others.  From the upset to the cheery to the indifferent. I seriously love me some Batman.  I might have named my daughter after a character.  Maybe.
So what's my take on the matter?  I'll choose the wait and see for now.  If this turns into Batman & Robins (Clooney, Thurman, Schwarzenegger, O'Donnell, etc.) then I'll be upset and never watch it again.  
Man, why did they make that film?  They really killed a good thing.


Virginia Bell said...

I had to look this up to see what in the world you were talking about.

Batman-Superman movie?? All I can say is WTF? Superman is NOWHERE near Batman's league. Superman still hasn't figured out that panties are women's undergarments, and have no place on the outside of pantyhose (another women's undergarment) in public. Ever. Regardless of gender.

I think they are fishing desperately for ways to keep their hands in the cookie jar. The Christian Bale movies (while his Batman voice was monotone and a bit annoying after a while) were the best Batman movies of my lifetime, IMHO. I didn't like the old campy silly ones. Granted, I only saw Batman & Robin and Batman Forever (not exactly fine cinema), so maybe I missed something wonderful in Michele Pfeifer's Catwoman or something.

Anyway... side tracked. What in the world are they doing? I am so confused...

Megan Pope said...

Batman and Batman Returns are amazeballs. Batman the Animated Series is by far the best batman to come across my screen (while most of the DC movie batmans still rock my socks).
But, as I said, I'll wait and see. I don't want to hope and I don't want to be negative about it. I'm not a Superman fan at all, but I do enjoy Justice League.
Though... Batman > Justice League in terms of comic and televised series.

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