Saturday, August 17, 2013

Deeper, Go Deeper

Last week's duel was between Sonada Keiko and Takatsuki Shiori.   The courage that brought Keiko into the duelist's arena was no match for the determination Shiori carried with her.  Black rose petals fell as Keiko fails to move on to the next round. 

Round 1, Duel 5:
Mitsuru Tsuwabuki versus Shinohara Wakaba

Mitsuru Tsuwabuki is a fourth grade student with the desire to become Nanami's brother allowing her to use and abuse him.  Shinohara Wakaba is Utena's best friend with love for the student council vice president, Saionji, leading to a terribly jealous relationship with the Rose Bride, Anthy.  Despite the chosen image, Tsuwabuki wields Nanami's scimitar and dagger accompanied by the impatience to grow up.  Wakaba wields both Saionji's katana partnered with the removal of all that limits her.  Who will progress to Round 2? 


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