Monday, August 26, 2013


Last week my husband introduced me to creepypastas with this YouTube video.  Actually, I had known of these tales before just never under the term of creepypastas.
Creepypastas are those creepy campfire stories.  The creepy urban stories you tell friends at slumber parties to creep everyone out.
The video had me so unnerved that I couldn't finish watching it until I had some daylight to keep my sanity.  I did read an epic long creepypasta that same night suggested by a friend.  I have read many creepypastas since at the suggestion of others.
While "Penpal" is extraordinarily well-written, Slenderman frightens me the most.  While Slenderman is the most unrealistic of everything I've been through, something about it freaks me out.  I think it's the idea that you're helpless against it.  If you see it, you're done for.  
What's a creepypasta that gets you unnerved?


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