Thursday, August 29, 2013


What happened to all of those weddings that people say happen all the time in your twenties?  My husband's about to turn 30 next week and, other than our own, we've been to three.  
What are the rest of y'all doing?  Having your romantical dramas or just cool not being married.
You guys in the drama department, I'm in no rush to see you guys get married.  

I'm seriously in a need to celebrate some of you guys settling down.  

Some of you that I've met and you were already married.  Disappointed on one hand and still don't get why you're married on the other.  Seriously, especially my military couples that only knew each other a month before getting married.  I don't get that.  But whatevs.
Dissatisfied when I couldn't have been there for weddings of couple friends that I met after they were married.  

Someone get married soon so that I can celebrate it.  More weddings of friends please.  Or maybe I just want to celebrate in general.


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