Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dream Interpretation

Toss out your dream dictionary!

How shocking it is to me that people actually request assistance interpreting their dreams.  Most requests that I received were mostly people seeking reassurance of their normality.  I can understand that. 
But in the case of "I walk into a spider's web... Google search: dreams, spiders, web"
No.  The answer you find their isn't the answer that your subconscious is trying to tell you.  That's someone else's meaning of spiderwebs. 
When looking to interpret your dream, list out items that called out the most to you during your dream (dream journaling can help).  Stop and think about what those key elements mean to YOU. Not to a web author.  Not to your friend.  What do they mean to you?  You'll find often that you're meaning and a "dictionary" meaning don't match.  Don't worry because your meaning is the right fit for you.
When I work with people on dream interpretations, I avoid from my opinions and perceptions and act as a guide in helping them work to their ultimate answer.  
Now, reoccurring dreams.  Those actually sometimes are more difficult.  I never truly understood what one I had meant until a friend offered her opinion.  
You don't need a dream interpreter, but rather a dream guide.  Someone who can help you to decipher what your dream means to your subconscious.
I love to share my dreams. I find them incredibly interesting and more times than not, my friends are there.  Just because I share my dream with you, does not mean I'm looking for interpretation.  I'm just simply sharing.


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