Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brussel Sprouts

I love brussel sprouts.  They're so good.  Steamed.  Marinated in lemon juice.  Covered in Cheese.
I found a wonderful recipe for parmesan-stuffed brussel sprouts.
Sadly, I'm the only person who enjoys eating brussel sprouts in this house.  So last week, I did my crazy mom thing and bought brussel sprouts to prepare with dinner.  No surprise when I was the only one eating them at the dinner table.  So I packed them up to eat for lunch the next day.
The other ladies came in as they always do for lunch in the teacher's lounge.  One at a time.  Out of four other women, each one said the EXACT same thing as they sat down to the table.
"What are those?"   Brussel sprouts.  "Oh, I've never seen them before.. or at least, never seen anyone EAT them before."
Just me.  Me and brussel sprouts.  Can't even make my parmesan-stuffed brussel sprout recipe for a school potluck.


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