Friday, August 30, 2013

Convention Adventures

So last year, I did something that I haven't done in quite some time: I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta.

Okay, I didn't go for all of it.  I ran up with a friend to go to the ball and we came back home.
Much fun was had.  We ordered our pretty dresses.  Did our pretty hair.  Did our pretty makeup (at Waffle House on the way).
When we got there..  It was WAY bigger than I remember.  Man, there's people crawling all OVER this thing.  I think we got lost twice just walking through the hotel, that's not even counting the fun driving adventures to be had in the car as I tried avoiding returning to the interstate after finding the hotel.  On a side note, I should really stop driving in Atlanta.
We really lucked out in getting lost because we ended up getting there just in time to pass some patrons with pre-purchased tickets for the ball who had been turned away for not being dressy enough.  They passed their tickets along to us and in we went!
All kinds of people asked us to dance!  Excitement for me and my husband because he wasn't the one having to dance.  I believe this is what we call a "win-win."

(Dancing with a sharp Mako | Dancing with the best partner I had all night, best moves and best conversation)

Then, this gal was having some spaz out about asking some dude to dance.  Meh, that's what the night is about.  My friend and myself are too old to care about young embarrassment and things like that.  My friend went over to ask the guy for this young lass because hey, worse he can say is no.  Which he did, but he did come over and talk with her which was cool enough of the guy.  Then he went to talk with more girls and the lass starts fawning about how she can't believe my friend just went up and talked to him like that.  Eh?  What's that matter?  Oh, the guy's a famous voice actor?  Who's he play?  Lass gives character name that we've never heard.  
...Well, now I've gotta figure this out!  So I go over and compliment his outfit (cause it's pretty awesome looking) with the sharp intent of listening to his voice and play "name that character" in my head.  Nothing, man.. who is this guy?
Approach some fangirls that were talking to him previous to me and just flipping ask.  Again, another name that I don't know.  COME ON!  He's got to be in something I've heard of if he keeps getting surrounded by women?  Oh.  He's Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.  Um, oops?

And that's the tale of how I met Vic Mignogna, on accident.


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