Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stress of Kindergarten

I'm trying to find my strength to make it through my daughter's kindergarten year.  I knew that the expectations of kindergarten students were high but I didn't ever really realize before how high they really were.

Even everything that I did with my daughter this past summer and we still get hit for items such as this on the second week of school.  Thank goodness I know so many other kindergarten teachers that I can question the normality of this expectation in only the second week of school.
For where we live, it's the normal expectation.  For the school that I teach in, the kindergarten teachers see those papers in a different light.  "Didn't follow directions" becomes "I need to review the skill with this student."  "Needs practice" becomes "I need to remember to remind my students to do this and how to."
I'll continue to supplement her academic learning at home.  That I don't mind and had always intended on doing.  I also sent in her agenda copies of the supplemental work that my daughter and I did together practicing the skills.  
Who knew kindergarteners were expected so much so fast?  Not even me.  I feel overwhelmed by it all.  This is a huge jump at the start of the year from where I even leave off with my students in pre-k.  I'm thrown into this world of her reading, writing, performing simple math, helping her build strong morals and healthy habits.  It's all so much.  I wish that it could all slow back down.  


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