Friday, May 9, 2014

Para of the Year

Yesterday was quite a treat for me.
I got up early and excited with my daughter for her field day.  
Hugs, kisses, bus stop, and then off to work for me.
I surprised my teacher with her teacher appreciation door.

You can tell that it was rushed quality work but I think for getting it done in secret while she was out that it looks pretty cool.  I wanted to make a hard hat on her but it was getting late in the day and I was still cutting out letters soooo.....
After that I went through the regular morning routine.  I started walking my students back to the classroom and people I passed were telling me congratulations.  Um, what am I missing?
Didn't you hear the morning announcements Mrs. Pope?  You're the paraprofessional of the year!
What what?  Oh neat!  Keep walking the kids back and get them settled in through their morning routine.
Mrs. Pope, what are you going to do to celebrate?  Um, work.  Yup, going to keep working.
Get in to class with the students and oh, there's the principal.  Must be our last TKEYS observation.  
Oh what?  Flowers?  Cupcakes?  Congratulations?  Oh don't cry, don't cry.  Hugs, wipe those tears away, submit attendance before it's 9:00.  
My parents got me roses and my daughter took me out to eat.  It's a good feeling and I'm happy to have been identified as this title but earning it doesn't mean that I stop doing it.  
Nothing to it but to do it and I'm going to celebrate this with still giving 300% to my work.


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