Wednesday, May 28, 2014


SED3 – The child will begin to demonstrate self-control.
SED3.4d Manages transitions and adapts to changes in schedules and routines independently. 
WSO: Manages transitions.

Activities: Guest Speakers, Field Trips, and School Assemblies.  These are just a few things that can occur to shift your schedule.  Talk with students about what activities will be missed and how your schedule will shift to prepare them for the day.

Manipulative Schedules.  Daily schedules posted eye-level with students which feature picture cues can help students know what will occur next.  Making a manipulative piece to move from activity to activity with your students can help them prepare for what's next in their academic day.

What Happens Next?  This game can be made using duplicate picture cues from your daily schedule.  Students draw a card and identify which daily activity they see.  Once identified, they search to find the activity that comes after to place in sequential order. 

Books: I'll Always Come Back by: Steve Metzger
Wembley Worried by: Kevin Henkes

Schedule and routine are important for students' ability to manage transitions.  When students know what will come next in schedule, they feel comfortable in changing from one activity to the next.


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