Monday, May 12, 2014

Change of Plans

Late Thursday I had a message asking if I would be interested in life guarding again this summer.
I didn't last summer because of academic things working towards teacher certification but sure.  I know the person that I will be working with is willing to adjust for many things that I had already planned to do with my daughter.
It is very close to summer so the only uncertainty is can I find a certification class.  
So I called the rec department and we lucked out!  There was a class this weekend.  It might mean missing Mother's Day to get this done but I didn't know when I might find another class between now and summer so might as well.  I lucked out because many of the other people who signed up, dropped out.  We busted tail, stayed late, and finished the material in a day.  Yay!  I still got Mother's Day with my family!
Holy wow, some of the changes to procedures and stuff for life guarding.  Then comparing emergency response training of life guarding to the minimal CPR training that I got about a month ago makes sense to me now why my husband and I were never on the same page about emergency care.  
I look forward to another fun summer of life guarding and will probably be posting some tools and such that I implement.  I'm working for a daycare summer camp so I like to keep things structured yet fun.  We free swim, play pool games, and utilize pool toys in the shallow end.  I like to review the pool rules with the kids daily before entering the pool.  I'll be sharing more of that once we get closer to summer.  

On another note: if you are in the middle Georgia area and need a summer job.  I know two places hiring and someone who will certify you if need be.  


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