Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Linky Party: Kronk

  • Kronk:What you are best at in the kitchen?

  • In the kitchen?  Cooking.  I'm not a fan of dishes really but I'll do the cooking part.
  • I've gotten much better in cooking than when I started.  When I started cooking, like really cooking, my daughter was still on breast milk/formula.  That worked out just fine because many of my meals did NOT turn out well.
  • My first experience learning what the term "simmer" meant came from when I cooked corned beef for St. Patrick's Day.  Simmer for 8 hours does NOT mean leave it on high.  
  • Oh, and there was the time that I thought it would be cool to swap a pound of ground turkey in place of ground beef.  It looked so disgusting while cooking that I couldn't even force myself to eat it.
  • But now I know how to cook.  I can make beef tataki, sushi, sauteed chicken, and so much more.  It just took a lot of failing at first but I got there.

NEXT WEEK:  Simba:Something a parent has taught you.


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