Wednesday, May 14, 2014


SED3 – The child will begin to demonstrate self-control.
SED3.4b Regulates own emotions and behaviors, and seeks out adult support when needed.
WSO: Attends to tasks and seeks help when encountering a problem. 

Activities: If You're ____ and You Know It.  Replace happy with other emotions for students to exemplify through actions.  For example, if you're mad and you know it stomp your feet.  Talk about what they can do to help regulate those feelings appropriately within the classroom setting.  

My Teacher Can.  This is a language chart.  Place emotion cue cards in a bag.  Students will pass the bag around and pull out one cue from the bag.  They will identify what emotions they are holding and dictate what the teacher can do to help them when they feel that way.  

Books: Pout-pout Fish by: Deborah Diesen
The Pigeon Has Feelings Too! by: Mo Willems


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