Friday, June 13, 2014

World Cup Learning Activities

After years of wait, it has returned again: FIFA World Cup has begun!
There are some exciting summer learning activities that you can do to involve your child or students passed cheering for your team.

Predict who will win.  Compare your predictions to the final outcome.  

Greater Than/Less Than
Which team has the most points?  Who has the most?

Score Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication
Have your child take each team's score and add them together, subtract them from one another, multiply them together.  Don't just do this with the final score but throughout the game as goals are made.

Find the location of the country the teams are playing for.  Are they near where you live?  Far away from each other?

Cultural Awareness
After learning about where the teams are from, what languages do they speak?  What does their flag look like?  Create a chart to plug in all of this new information of other countries.  Refer to the chart when teams play again to review their country's information.


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