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Ep. 15 - The Landscape Framed by Kozue

This episode analysis(musing) contains spoilers.  This episode analysis skims over topics and doesn't go into huge detail because each detail is really worth it's own post.  This analysis does not cover every detail to analyze but ones that I have chosen to discuss.  Also, these are my opinions and nothing official.  You do not have to accept or agree with any of this.

"Sono Kozue ga Sasu Fuukei" 
July 9, 1997
Duel song:  Kakuu Kakokei Majinai 
Duel theme: attache - Attachment

Miki and his musical world.  I love how when things break his innocent bubble you get the piano twitter with the visual of the sheet music.  

I'm just going to say how much I do love Kozue here.  The way the character carries herself and design, she is very sensual just in that alone without even the implication of her dialogue with others.  Really quite different from how Miki carries himself.

We see Kozue bring in her boy toy closer to whisper gossip in his ear as Miki gets approached by creepy music teacher which catches Kozue's attention.  Kozue's game is so strong that she sees what that music teacher is doing with her brother and just shoves her toy away.  She doesn't have time for that because her brother's purity is in threat.  

I love her blank state as Miki innocently smiles to the music teacher.  Almost a hint of "you are so innocent that you really don't even see it."  Almost a hint of wishing that she could still have such innocence.  That innocence must be protected.  We think Juri has some ferocity but really, tred in on Miki's innocence and Kozue is a beast.

Touga is moping to some gloomy tunes, still refusing to go to school, Nanami is even begging that he at least eat something.  His reclusive behavior is really weighing heavy on her but wow, she steps up to take on his duty as student council president.  If she can't get him to leave the room and take care of himself, she's going to go out and tend to his duties in his absence.  Go Nanami!

As Mamiya!Anthy pulled the sword from Kanae's heart, she suggests that they use those close to student council members to utilize their heart swords to defeat Utena.  

Kozue by the pool, grasping handfuls of water yet never being able to keep it within her hands.  Just like her and her brother.  They keep grasping to what was, never really being able to hold it.

Her "friend" that asks for Kozue to introduce her to her brother to add another boyfriend.  Oh the look Kozue gives her!  You want to ask me to introduce you to my brother so you can date him and another boy? Not worthy!  

Miki is so adorably awkward about doing something as simple as asking Anthy to play the piano with him.  Utena, again trying to do what she thinks is right, drags him upstairs and just revels in his adorkableness as he stares at his lap bashfully.  

It's interesting when he says Chu-chu's name wrong and Anthy says that Choo-Choo is cute too that he jumps to agreeing and how they have such similar tastes.  He places her on such a high pedestal that he really creates connections out of anything.

Flashes to the music teacher in blasts of orange.  The scene is distorted and not as clear as any of scene we've seen animated because we really aren't part of what is happening here.  Or is it from Kozue's perspective?  The anger and rage almost blinding her vision as she delivers her punishment upon this teacher for his actions towards Miki.

Juri talks to Kozue about the incident.  She knows the power play of intimidation of teachers.  We see them opposite one another; one on left while the other on right, one looking out while one looks in, one looking up as the other looks down.  Two intimidating figures who go about it in different ways and for different reasons.

The milkshakes in the M and K glasses.  If ever there were a symbol for childhood innocence in this series, this is it.  Kozue saying that she can't partake in it, Miki still being able to drink his.  I stupidly love the symbolism of these milkshakes.  In a way, her not drinking it is a simple way of her trying to hold on to it.  Miki quickly drank his cup empty as Kozue's remains full.  In a way, she hasn't lost her innocence fully but keeps it within herself just as she keeps her milkshake in the glass.  She can't lose it if she doesn't let it out.

Miki and Anthy playing The Sunlit Garden while Utena meets Kozue.  Kozue asks about Anthy and her eyes turn the same as they did with that teacher.  Beware this girl.

Nanami announces the egg speech on the ascent to the student council chambers but the words are not exact.  She is trying to fill her brother's shoes but she doesn't understand as much as he did about what is going on.  

The fan.  The fan that turns with Nanami basically that this meeting has no purpose, she's just blowing hot air up their pinwheels.  She doesn't even realize that what she is saying about taking in the role of student council president isn't true.  She's taking on the title but the role of student council president really was close with Ends of the World, a connection that she does not possess.

Now we are faced with the conversation anyone with siblings has ever had with someone with no siblings.  Utena gushes about her idea of what it's like to have a sibling and Akio gives his perspective.  His is more an opinion of Anthy, "you don't really think about it and it doesn't really serve any purpose."  And Utena doesn't even react.  Girl, he just called your BFF/lover useless and you didn't catch it!  

I honestly think that what happened in the music room was innocently cute.  For being so detached from Miki, she watches over his napping body and gives a sweet kiss to his cheek as though she were a little kid.  But being teenagers, and spotted by Anthy, she becomes a frightened animal.  

And Miki's immediate snap awake when Anthy spoke.. How asleep was he?  I doubt he thought anything negative about his sister giving a sisterly kiss but I can't help but to think of the movie here. How long were you awake?  Were you always awake?

In the elevator, she clings to the sheet music.  What is happening with Kozue and Miki isn't that complicated which is why the elevator ride goes more quickly than others.  She isn't battling her feelings for Miki or her anger towards Anthy.  She is direct and so is her elevator ride.  

How beautifully she plays the piano when she doesn't hold herself back.  Note when Miki enters the room, Kozue is cast in shadow before fully displaying her.  Miki was becoming so enrapt with Anthy that when he first entered the music room, there's no way he could have seen his sister there.  When she fully displayed, he was pulled toward her once more.  

Miki's sword pulling is the most gentle of those from this arc.  Kozue bears no ill will towards her brother, she most definitely does not wish him pain.  She wishes to protect him and his innocence.

Utena's dueling invitation is posted publicly on the announcement board next to exam postings.  This is reflective of Kozue's bold personality.  She isn't going to sneak a note into Utena's locker, that just isn't her style.

The shadow girl play here is reflective of the invitation placement.  The waitress talks as though she is addressing many but there is really only one person there that she is talking to.  

On the desks we see Miki's full milkshake glass.  This is what Kozue duels for, her brother's innocence.  And Anthy drinks it!  She picks up glass after glass during the duel and drinks.  As if to say, you can't keep it safe.

Did you notice?  The body in the coffin is not just one, but twins within it!  Something so subtle that you could miss if you blink but they give it to us anyway.

Bedtime in the Koaru house as Miki gives his sister a goodnight kiss.  You still have your brother, sweet Kozue.

Choo... Choo...

Screenshots from the lovely (except Kozue glaring at her friend, Kozue and Juri, the milkshakes glasses, the sheet music on the elevator floor, and the twins in the coffin).


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