Friday, July 4, 2014

Patriotic Sight Words

Happy Independence Day!
Summer is a time for relaxing but many parents also worry about that brain drain that might happen. There are many articles about how it is important to keep working with your kids but also how important it is to relax.  How do you balance this?
With play.  You don't have to cram cram cram all day.  Chill, relax, and sneak that learning through games.  
Today, we started with my daughter reading a few sheets of sight words to me as I wrote them in red, white, and blue chalk all over the sidewalk.

As I would write the word she read; she would spell it and use it in a sentence for me.  Then, we switched!

I would call out the words and when she found them, she would get to throw a pop-it on it!  This was so much fun, she wanted more than one word at a time.
But we didn't stop there.  This is summer.  What's the fun of summer if there isn't water-play involved?

This was more independent.  Call the word, use it in a sentence, then throw the wet sponge all over it!  This was especially fun since we used glitter-chalk so most of the chalk would stay and the glitter would run off to the grass.  But that's okay, because now we get to grab our paintbrush...

...and practice handwriting as she painted over the chalked sight words! 


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