Monday, June 8, 2015

Large Group Literacy: Feelings & Emotions

Remember that we are still at the beginning of the school year with these activities so let's have fun as we continue teaching the routines and procedures.  If you have had any number of classroom management training, it has been expressed how important it is to teach feelings and emotions to pre-kindergarten students.  Many behavioral issues are communication issues, students not knowing how to say that they feel a certain way or need something.  Here is your time to review emotions and how students might feel when they are acting that way.

Today I am feeling ... because ...
"Henry is feeling sleepy because he woke up too early" "Mrs. Pope is feeling hungry because she missed breakfast" "Susie is feeling happy" allow the students to say how they are feeling and, if they are able, why they are feeling that current emotion.  I've had a student tell me before on this chart that they were sad because their dad's football team lost their game.  Even parents get a giggle out of what children will share during this activity.  As they share these details, write them on giant chart paper to model handwriting.

Silly Sally big book reading
Big books are great for modeling tracking print and guided reading with class sets.  At the beginning of the school year, I focus on modeling the tracking skills with big books.  Silly Sally is a fun story for the beginning of the school year as it contains rhyming, repetitive phrases, and sequencing.

Silly Sally flannel retelling
This flannel set again is something that you can buy, make with felt, or print on paper with velcro fasteners.  You can either choose to simply read the story and use the props or allow the students to manipulate the flannel props as you read the story.

Three Little Pigs Blues
Three Little Pigs Blues is a song by Greg & Steve from the album Playing Favorites.  I took three privacy folders and decorated them to be a house of straw, sticks, and bricks.  Students take turns (about five times) being the pigs and the big bad wolf reenacting with the prompts from the song.  You can have your students act it out with masks, costumes, or however works for you and your budget.

Musical Writing
This activity can be done either with clipboards or again with butcher/bulletin/chart paper.  Students have a writing utensil and you play happy music as they move their writing utensil to how they feel.  Play sad music, angry music, music that takes them through emotional feeling.  Classical tracks without words are suggested for this.


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