Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Large Group Literacy: Autumn

I'm a Little Scarecrow Rebus Reading 
Rebus is the art of using pictures to represent words.  As pre-k is filled with pre-readers, we do not expect for our students to come to us ready to read at the beginning of the school year.  We can start teaching them decoding skills with rebus charts.  Allow students to attempt deciphering the rebus chart before you read it to them, echo it with them, and read it together.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves retelling with props
So you have already introduced the story of the old lady who swallowed a fly, bring her back out.  Be consistent to have the same old lady prop and where you store her.  Students will begin to recognize the old lady book series and they can retrieve the old lady prop as you discuss what items will be needed to perform the retelling.  Engage the students in critical thinking, what things will the old lady eat in this story.

Fall Word Web
A word web is a graphic organizer format.  In the center of your paper, draw a circle with the topic word inside of it.  In this case, we would write "FALL".  You can have some lines connecting the main topic word to smaller topic circles; I use "sports", "holidays", and "weather".  Around those smaller circles, students can suggest fall centered sports, holidays, and weather to write freely.  Anything that fits with fall but outside of those other topics can be freely written around the paper.  Try to use student suggestions but leave a book about fall, I recommend Who Loves the Fall by Bob Raczka, for students to turn through the pages and provide additional suggestions to offer for the word web.

Favorite Color Leaf Graph
You will note that graphs will be happening frequently in my Large Group Literacy planning.  This is a time for students to practice writing their name while expressing their opinions and preferences in a guided manner.  There are leaf cutouts on red, yellow, green, and brown paper glued across the top.  I hold up a student name card and hand them the name card, a pencil, and a post-it.  The student may return to their space on the carpet to attempt copying their name to their post-it before placing it under their preferred leaf color.  I usually don't pass out these items to more than four students at a time to avoid from the graph area becoming too congested with traffic.  Once this is finished, we can count to find the totals for each leaf color reviewing numerals before assessing which had most, least, or were the same.

Fall Word Journal Writing
This is an activity that I use to really introduce what my expectations are of using the word cards within our classroom writing area.  I use the word cards found at Pre-Kinders, there are cards for a variety of themes paired with images.  Students open their journals to any page, I never stress finding the "first blank page" within the pre-kindergarten environment.  I select the large word cards and display them on the interactive whiteboard for all students to view from their carpet.  I display one page for three minutes directing students to try and copy their favorite word or picture from the screen.  


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