Saturday, August 2, 2014

Where is Blogger?

Yeah, sorry for the surprise hiatus.  This summer has been a wave of emotions and I let them take me places rather than conquering them.  Many hugs to people who have been caring and supportive of me during all of that.  
Now, away from all of that mess and on to the good news:  I AM A PRE-K LEAD AGAIN!
I am working in a county that just open their first two pre-k classrooms and it feels wonderful to be a part of the beginning team to establish a solid foundation.  I am most excited about this because not only do I get to set the foundation for learning for my students but I also get to help this county and administrations establish a solid foundation of understanding to support successful pre-kindergarten classrooms. This is a wonderful opportunity, the best that I could have ever asked for.  
That being said, this blog might not always get the same attention that it deserves.  I will now be doing the Monster of the Week posts every other week, Utena blogs will still be Saturdays as they happen, and GELDS will be moving to a teacher blog page.  
Thank you all for your encouraging words and understanding in my life.  


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